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Friday, May 20, 2005



Today I am loving... the fact that I worked some late nights earlier in the week and get to get out of here earlier today (just minutes away!), that our washer will finally get fixed tomorrow (I can smell the Mountain Fresh Tide already!), new Making Memories foam stamps -- in love with my newest sets (Gabby and LC Rummage), looking forward to moving the bedrooms around and having a better sleep space & a better scrap/office space, and last, but not least, movie and pizza night with Brian tonight.


I am loving rainy days where you can hit the snooze one more time... and fuzzy sweatpants and the anticipation of a weekend alone with hubby.


today, I am loving nice warm track pants, messages from my sweetie, that work is over for the day and fresh grapes in the firdge :)

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